Clickbank Nightmare

I am writing this topic for all new Clickbank Affiliates. My advice to any new affiliates is to learn all the rules of the affiliate program. I have spent many months on creating this site, advertising links on Facebook and setting up ads on Craigslist as well as collecting email addresses and sending out email campaigns. Honestly, I have made some money but hardly enough to make this worth my time. I have watched countless videos on YouTube and followed some of the techniques described to failure. Some experienced clickbank marketers will post their paychecks from clickbank and that will get you all amped up to try to replicate what they did. Maybe the method they used was all overdone by the time they made their Youtube video because when i tried to replicate it  all I did was piss people off. So even if I am selling a good Clickbank product an angry customer will never buy the product no matter how great the product is. Even if they do buy the product a good percentage will either reverse the charges or cancel their membership. Clickbank will eventually end their relationship with you and all your work goes down the toilet.

There is no short cut to making money with affiliate programs. You have to be 100% honest and target people who actually want the product AND you have to provide 100 percent customer service. Contrary to popular belief, people are not quick to spend money on the internet. I am going to continue trying to market clickbank products but with caution. If you have any questions or need advice you can email me at

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