Denise Williams Killed Husband had 19 years to spend $1.75 Million Dollars

Denise Williams, who was working as an accountant at Florida State University, is accused in the murder of her first husband, whom authorities once believed was eaten by alligators but now believe was slain by in a murder plot that included his best friend.

Now authorities allege that Williams and her second husband, Brian Winchester, conspired to slay Mike Williams, 31, her high school sweetheart, She Claimed his life insurance of 1.75 million Dollars. 

Leon County court records show that Denise Williams has been held in the jail since May 8, 2018 on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree.

She will learn her fate in February 2019. She was convicted of first-degree murder of her husband Mike Williams by a 12 person jury.  Her Attorney plans to file an appeal.

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